Adult Ortho-T® Appliance

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Adult Ortho-T® Appliance


The Adult Ortho-T® Appliance: Treatment for 12-Year-Olds to Adults in Only 1 to 12 Months!

  The Ortho-T® provides adolescent and adult orthodontics by straightening adult teeth with only one appliance worn only one to two hours a day, for a period of one to twelve months. The same active appliance is also used as the retention device.

Ortho-T® Adult Appliance:

  • Is a combination orthopedic, functional and finishing appliance
  • Eliminates overbite, overjet and produces a Class I molar relation and ideal intercuspation
  • Every Ortho-T® appliance is in perfect Class I to 0.001 inch accuracy
  • Restricts the maxilla while advancing the mandible
  • Straightens the incisors (rotations, crowding or spacing)
  • Depresses the anteriors and allows the posteriors to erupt
  • Is completely preformed and requires few adjustments
  • The same appliance used for both treatment and retention
  • Is available in 13 sizes – including non-extraction (NT), two upper bicuspid (UT) and four bicuspid extractions (XT)
  • Add our Perfit Bumper® to correct additional crowding
  • Rotation cleats can be easily added to any appliance to correct further rotations
  • Can relieve the pains of TMJ
  • Can be used to correct relapsed orthodontic cases
  • Built-in Cooperation Detector® allows you to ensure compliance with recommended wear time, by visibly seeing a change in the color of the appliance.
  • If patient suffers from a bruxism, these appliances prevent further wear of the teeth.

The Adult Ortho-T® allows your business practice to:

  1. Treat an adult Ortho-T® case in one hour of total chair time.
  2. Use only one appliance during active and retention periods, relinquishing the responsibility and the concern of more appliances arriving in the mail or being re-fabricated due to additional dental work.
  3. Not require a new Ortho-T® appliance for any dental work done during treatment.
  4. Offer Ortho-T® patient fees in the range of 1/2 of the cost of traditional orthodontics in your area, which is significantly cheaper than other removable appliances.
  5. Corrects all dimensions at the same time with Ortho-T® – crowding, spacing, overbite, and overjet.
  6. Relieve pain associated with TMJ conditions.
  7. Require no lab work.
  8. Only require models & panorex for diagnosis
  9. Require patient release forms, and we suggest the current AAO version.
  10. Utilize our diagnostic service., Orthodontists on staff at Ortho-Tain® will diagnose your cases and provide complete treatment plans for a minimal charge.

Learn how easy it is to treat your adult orthodontic patients with our in-depth presentation on the adult Ortho-T® appliance.