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Friction Grip Debonding and Interproximal Burs

We have added a line of burs which include a variety of adhesive/debonding, Interproximal Diamond, Finishing, Trimming, and Safe-End fluted burs, each packaged in a non-sterile blister pack of 5. A complete Debonding Kit is also available that includes an assortment of 9 debonding burs and packaged in an autoclavable aluminum bur block for quick and easy storage. The high quality Carbide Debonding burs allow predictable removal of cement without damage to the enamel. At low contact pressure, the burs rotate with low vibration and achieve perfectly smooth surfaces while generating minimal heat. The Safe-End burs are suited with a non-cutting safety chamfer tip for precise reduction of soft materials while eliminating the risk of any formation of grooves.
•    Choice of 8, 12, & 18 Flutes/Blades
•    Unique Shapes for Finishing all facial and lingual surfaces
•    Bur offering for Friction Grip (FG)/High speed hand piece
•    Controlled debonding without Nicking, Scratching or Abrading the Enamel
Not sold in Canada

Suggested uses:
•    8 Flutes for Finishing
•    12 & 18 Flutes for Smooth Finishing of Composite, Amalgam, and Enamel
•    Diamond Bur for Interproximal Stripping