Cosmetic Brackets

20/40™ Systems

Pure aluminum oxide (99.95% Al2 O3 ) increases fracture resistance allowing for more effective torque delivery • 100% nickel-free bracket body • Mechanical lock base with dovetail grooves for increased retention • No special adhesive needed

Forever Gold™ 24K Mini Master® Systems

Stainless steel true brilliant gold colored brackets • Unique 24 karat gold plating process ensures brackets stay gold for duration of treatment

Iconix® Aesthetic Brackets

Stainless steel champagne colored brackets • Unique plating process ensures brackets stay champagne tone for duration of treatment • Utilizes Master Series patented Diagonal Torque and Diagonal Angulation Technology

Radiance Plus Systems ®

Radiance Plus® is the clearest ceramic twin bracket available , delivering exceptional results with features other cosmetic brackets just can’t match. This latest generation of Radiance is stronger and even more dazzling than the previous generation, with enhancements including Visual Placement Aids (VPAs) for bonding precision, and a thicker, stronger tie wing radius

Silkon Plus Systems ™ Systems

Plastic material does not promote enamel abrasion • Smooth, stain resistant surface means better patient acceptance • Non-porous surface for improved friction control and sliding mechanics • Particle mechanical lock for superior bond strength; no need for silane or special adhesive