Dual Move

Cordless endodontic motor, with control of movement, speed and torque
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Cordless endodontic motor, with control of movement, speed and torque

Using a cordless, well-balanced in hand and silent endodontic motor with control of movement, speed and torque, offers freedom and comfort, as well as an optimal security when shaping the root canals. The display turns around in order to suit to left-handers. The contra-angle rotates without being disconnected from the handpiece. Its miniature head and thin neck make it easier to reach the posterior teeth while keeping an excellent visibility on the root canals inlets and working area. Functionalities, high level of customisation, as well as advanced features that are available when combined with the Dual Pex apex locator, make Dual Move the ideal portable device for individual practices, in continuous rotation or reciprocating movement (*).

Outstanding shaping experience

  • Freedom and comfort when shaping the root canal, pushing back the stress limits
  • Orientation of the contra-angle to the perfect position, without being dismantled from the handpiece
  • Optimal working position and visibility
  • For right and left handed practitioners
  • Short learning curve

Portable motor for a perfect adaption to individual needs and practices

  • All NiTi files, continuous rotation or reciprocating movement*
  • High level of customisation of parameters and programmes
  • Stand alone use or in combination with the Dual Pex apex locator, depending or usual practices

Safe endodontic treatment

  • Prevention of file separation
  • Control of speed and torque
  • Correction of possible gradual drifts through auto-calibration

Perfect duo with the Dual Pex apex locator

  • Large choice of operating modes through the advanced features (apical auto-reverse, auto-start / stop…)
  • All readings at a glance through the duplication of the file location on Dual Move’s screen

* not available in some countries

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