ChARACTERISTICS Initial case before rehabilitation • Highly Biocompatible, does not contain Co-monomers nor Bis-GMA • Similar abrasion to natural enamel • Mechanical and functional characteristics similar to gold • Ideal polishability and high gloss retention over time • Ideal handling: it does not stick to the instrument • Excellent sculptibility • Suitable for direct and indirect technique • High Radiopacity • Contains Fluoride 3 enamel and 9 dentine shades are available: • bF1 low value, bF2 medium value, bF3 high value. • bD0 - bD0,5 - bD1- bD2 - bD3 - bD3,5 - bD4 - bD5 - bD6
Manufacturer: Micerium

Completely biocompatible to guarantee a perfect integration in harmony with the human body without releasing any toxic substances. High stability resin matrix and absence of nanoparticles in the powders generated by abrasion phenomenon that could be absorbed by the body. The UDMA and TCDDMDMA innovative formula is Bis-GMA free, monomer that can liberate Bisphenol-A (BPA), an organic compound that exhibits estrogenic properties in human body causing health problems.