Gishy Goo!™

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Silicone Bracket Relief Aid
Gishy Goo is a specially formulated poly-vinyl-siloxane elastomer that can be placed over wires, brackets, fixed appliances, etc. This unique material is simple to place, stays on longer, and is easier to remove than wax.

Simply squeeze a pea-size amount from the syringe, mix for 10 seconds, and place over the appliance. There is no messy cleanup and Gishy Goo material will stay in place for up to 12 hours!

Gishy Goo material is available in patient kits and syringe refills.
•    Stays put longer than wax
•    Easier to place and remove than wax
•    Reduces costly emergency appointments
•    Provides lasting comfort for patients' lips, cheeks, and tongue
•    Delicious Bubble Gum flavor