ENAMEL PLUS hFO Complete Kit

including: 15 syringes 5 g with holder 7 dentine: UD1 (A1), UD2 (A2), UD3 (A3), UD3,5 (A3,5), UD4 (A4), UD5, UD6 3 generic enamel: GE1, GE2, GE3 3 opalescent enamel: OBN, OA, OW 2 intensive enamel: White (IW), Milky (IM) 15x5g

Enamel Plus HFO dentine D3 5 g

ChARACTERISTICS • Highly Biocompatible, does not contain Co-monomers nor Bis-GMA • Similar abrasion to natural enamel • Mechanical and functional characteristics similar to gold • Ideal polishability and high gloss retention over time • Ideal handling: it does not stick to the instrument • Excellent sculptibility • Suitable for direct and indirect technique • High Radiopacity • Contains Fluoride


Including 12 syringes 5 g with holder 9 dentine: BD0, BD0,5, BD1 (A1),BD2 (A2), BD3 (A3), BD3,5 (A3,5),BD4 (A4), BD5, BD6. 3 “Bio Function” enamel: BF1, BF2, BF3

ENAMEL PLUS HRI Complete Kit Tips

11x6 pcs ORANGE(Dentine),BLUE(Universal Enamel),WHITE(Intensive Enamel)