MM-MTA, an endodontic repair cement
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MM-MTA, an endodontic repair cement

MTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate) that allows successful repair of iatrogenic accidents while reducing the associated pathological complications. Currently, clinically approved MTA products are available within the dental marketplace. However, MTA traditionally has a long setting time and an often grainy consistency which makes placement more difficult.
Micro-Mega offers MM-MTA, an endodontic repair cement that has excellent physiochemical characteristics. MM-MTA incorporates a faster set time with a pasty consistency for easy handling and placement.
MM-MTA is used in the following cases: repair of root perforations, root-end fillings (retro and apexification endodontic surgeries), pulp capping, repair of internal resorptions.

Easy handling and placement

  • Innovating packaging for a quick and automatic mixing
  • Homogenous consistency
  • Radiopacity
  • Reduced setting time (20 minutes)

Fast and efficient repairs

  • Formation of a protective waterproof layer, resistant to bacterial infiltration
  • Excellent adhesion to the dentine
  • Optimal results, even in humid conditions