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The Nite-Guide® for 5 to 7-Year-Olds: Worn Only at Night to Guide Permanent Dentition

Nite-Guide® is a unique early treatment device for the 5-7 year old child. Nite-Guide® is worn passively at night to correct and prevent overbite, overjet, crowding, open-bites and allows for up to 4mm of arch expansion. Nite-Guide® is a preformed, self-opening appliance, designed for the baby dentition to allow erupting upper and lower adult front teeth to be guided in straight.

Nite-Guide® also increases the size of the jaw in the area of the front teeth to help adult teeth grow in straight while expanding the arch. One appliance is used during the primary dentition and a second appliance is used during the mixed dentition to allow for maximum arch expansion and eruption guidance. Guiding adult teeth in straight allows the fiber bundles to develop into this perfect Class I Occlusion, thus eliminating any relapse later in life.

The Nite-Guide® is indicated for:

  • A potentially deep overbite where the upper baby front teeth cover the lowers vertically by 1/8″ (1.5 mm) or more.
  • Any severity of overjet, however, for some corrections over 4mm may require active daytime wear.
  • Up to 7 mm of potential crowding of the permanent adult incisors.
  • Correction of Class I, end to end, and Class II malocclusions
  • Corrects non-skeletal Class III.
  • Correction of some open-bites where thumb sucking habits have been corrected and where no swallowing problems exist.
  • Correction of some cross-bites in the back tooth area that are not caused by a displacement of the lower jaw.
  • Built-in Cooperation Detector® allows you to ensure compliance with recommended wear time, by visibly seeing a change in the color of the appliance.
  • If patient suffers from a bruxism, these appliances prevent further wear of the teeth.

The Nite-Guide® is a comfortable soft plastic appliance also known as the Nite-Guide® “C” Series that comes in 11 different sizes. Please note that the second appliance used in this technique is known at the “G” Series.

The Nite-Guide® can also be used in a Phase I Treatment of a 2 Phase orthodontic case, by limiting the amount of brackets needed for rotations and torque.