NT3® SE NiTi Wire

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NT3 Nickel Titanium Arch Wire
•    Fully active at room temperature
•    Exhibits excellent springback
•    Gentle to patients, but powerful enough to align even the most challenging cases
•    Moderate forces are an excellent choice for all treatment phases except finishing

Therma-Ti® Lite
•    Lightest force heat activated wire, transitions to its active state at 35˚ C
•    Soft at room temperature for easy and comfortable wire insertion
•    All cross sections are best suited for low force applications
•    Rectangular dimensions to deliver optimal light forces during initial treatment phase

TriTanium™ Wire
Different teeth benefit from different tooth moving forces.

TriTanium has three distinct thermally activated force regions which place the correct force in the anterior, bicuspid, and posterior arch regions to efficiently level, align, and torque. With any other arch wire it could take multiple arch wire changes to achieve similar results.
•    Superior Patient Comfort
•    Fewer Archwire Changes
•    Longer Treatment Intervals