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The Occlus-o-Guide® : 8 to 12-Year-Old Patients Treated in Four to Ten Months

The Occlus-o-Guide® treatment offers the 8 to 12 year old patients an orthodontic appliance to straighten crowding, spacing, overbite, overjet, and guide erupting posterior teeth into a perfect Class I relationship. Plus, it is designed to correct jaw discrepancies, molar relations and rotations. Active treatment consists of two to four hours per day plus nighttime wear for a period of four to ten months.

Results include approximately 1mm of correction per month; more at the beginning of treatment, less at the end. Active wear/exercise consists of biting down into the appliance and holding for one minute, then release for 30 seconds. Exercising consists of a minimum of 20-minute increments throughout the day totaling a total of two to four hours. The “G” series is available in 13 sizes. Use these simple measuring instructions to determine which size best fits your patient.

Treatment Plan

The Occlus-o-Guide® can be used:

  • In most non-extraction malocclusion cases whose permanent canines and bicuspids are beginning to erupt.
  • Correct up to 4mm of crowding and spacing.
  • To correct a vertical overbite problem of any severity.
  • To correct a horizontal overjet problem of any severity.
  • To correct a posterior cross-bite in the bicuspid area.
  • To correct maxillary and mandibular incisal rotations.
  • To level severe curves of Spee.
  • Can be used in combination with fixed appliances.
  • To correct severe labio-lingually positioned maxillary and mandibular incisors.
  • To correct minor malocclusions in 8 – 12-year-olds.
  • Can be used to correct most TMJ problems where an excessive overbite and overjet exists.
  • Built-in Cooperation Detector® allows you to ensure compliance with recommended wear time, by visibly seeing a change in the color of the appliance.
  • If patient suffers from a bruxism, these appliances prevent further wear of the teeth.
  • Appliance can also double as a mouth-guard during athletic activities.

Occlus-o-Guide® allows your business practice to:

  1. Treat the mixed dentition case in one hour of total chair time.
  2. The unique design and features of Occlus-o-Guide® appliances allows for Class I orthodontic corrections. Unlike other “one size fits all” appliances, Occlus-o-Guide® intercuspates the teeth, corrects overbite, and corrects into a Class I occlusion.
  3. Use only one appliance during active and retention periods, relinquishing the responsibility and the concern of more appliances arriving in the mail or being refabricated due to additional dental work.
  4. Use one appliance allows erupting teeth to be guided into a perfect Class I occlusion.
  5. Not require a new Occlus-o-Guide® appliance for Aany dental work done during treatment .
  6. Ortho-T® patient fees range from 1/2 the cost of orthodontics in your area. Significantly cheaper than other removable appliances.
  7. Correct all dimensions at the same time with Ortho-T® – crowding, spacing, overbite, and overjet.
  8. Relieve pain associated with TMJ conditions.
  9. Require no lab work.
  10. Only models & panorex are required for diagnosis
  11. Require a patient release form, suggested is the current AAO version.
  12. Utilize our diagnostic service. Orthodontists on staff at Ortho-Tain® will diagnose your cases and provide complete treatment plans for a minimal charge.