Opal® Band™

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Triple-Cure Orthodontic Band Cement
Opal Band Cement eliminates the need to have one cement for regular banding and a different cement for high-force appliance banding. Its unique triple-cure formula creates optimal bond strengths for both. Opal Band Cement also contains glass ionomer fillers that react with moisture to strengthen the cure and release fluoride for additional health benefits.

Opal Band Cement comes in a convenient dual-barrel syringe that mixes the chemistry for you. It creates the ideal viscosity for easy placement and removal, and it makes application simple and mess free. No more mixing powders and liquids.
•    Triple-cure formula provides optimum bond strength for both regular banding and high-force appliance banding
•    Convenient syringe delivery system offers superior control and no mixing of liquid and powders
•    Glass ionomer fillers release fluoride for additional protection
•    Bright blue chemistry facilitates easy placement, cleanup, and removal