Opal® Bond™ Flow

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Light-Cured Bonding Adhesive for Metal and Ceramic Appliances
When you need a strong adhesive with superior control and delivery, turn to Opal Bond Flow adhesive. Its syringe delivery system pairs with the Opal Bond Flow tip for smooth and easy placement. And its ideal formulation helps prevent slumping, keeping Opal Bond Flow adhesive right where you need it.
•    Flowable viscosity
•    Ideal for permanent retainers, bite ramps, occlusal buildups, and indirect bonding
•    Optimal flow characteristics ease delivery and placement and help prevent slumping
•    Contains a micro-nano hybrid filler for durable strength and wear
•    Available in two shades: A2 and Blue
•    Compatible with any light-cured bonding system
•    Smooth finish and kind to opposing enamel