Opal® Bond™ MV

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Light-Cured Bonding Adhesive for Metal and Ceramic Appliances
Opal Bond MV adhesive is easy to butter into the mesh but tacky enough to minimize drift and ease flash removal. Effective on metal and ceramic appliances, Opal Bond MV adhesive can be delivered in compules or via Ultradent’s unique, ergonomic contra-angle syringe, ideal for direct application.
•    Medium viscosity
•    Precise, ergonomic contra-angle syringe delivery
•    Butters easily into bracket mesh and minimizes drift upon placement
•    Proprietary loading process creates virtually no “run-on”
•    Ergonomic contra-angle syringe delivers adhesive with precision and economy
•    Easy flash removal
•    Extended working time
•    No discoloration
•    Visibility under a black light facilitates easy removal
•    Formulation contains fluorescing properties making it visible under a UV black light to ease removal.