Opal® Etch

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35% Phosphoric Acid
Opal Etch 35% phosphoric acid etchant is based on the award-winning, top-rated Ultra-Etch™ etchant chemistry. The unique physical and chemical properties of Opal Etch etchant create the optimal viscosity to ensure it won’t migrate or prematurely dry. Its syringe delivery with the Opal™ Blue tip facilitates precise placement and complete control, and its self-limiting formulation creates the ideal surface for adhesive penetration.

Strong bonds begin with Opal Etch etchant.
•    Optimal viscosity prevents migration or premature drying
•    Proprietary etch solution rinses off enamel quickly and easily
•    Brilliant blue color assures safe, accurate placement and complete removal
•    Contains a surfactant for complete, easy rinsing
•    Unique self-limiting properties prevent over-etching