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The Ortho-Tain® Postioner™ Perfects & Maintains Corrections

Ortho-Tain® Preformed Positioners™ provide retention and corrections in orthodontic cases. They are used for finishing orthodontic cases or after orthodontic treatment. The Ortho-Tain® Positioner™ maintains overbite and overjet correction at the same time, while maintaining tooth alignment and perfect Class I Intercuspation.

The Ortho-Tain® Positioner™ can shorten active treatment by 2 and 6 months, while correcting up to 3 mm of overjet, molar relations, coordinate the arches and intercuspate the teeth. Save time with the Ortho-Tain® Positioner™ because it requires no lab work, impressions or adjustments. Only one measurement is needed to fit your patient for an Ortho-Tain® Positioner™.

Other benefits include:

  • Designed for both non-extraction (“N” Series) and extraction (“X” and “U” Series) cases.
  • Built-in Cooperation Detector® allows you to ensure compliance with recommended wear time, by visibly seeing a change
  • in the color of the appliance.
  • Increased gingival ridges to improve torque retention.
  • Available with breathing holes as well as varying degrees of softness.
  • Immediate retention – inserts into the mouth instantly.
  • Made of durable and resilient material – resists permanent deformation.
  • Saves one hour of work per case- no impressions, no lab work, no adjustments.
  • Thirty-three graduated sizes fit 95% of extraction and non-extraction cases.
  • Transparent- can see pressure areas and check fit easily.
  • Interproximals absent between upper incisors to adjust for varying sizes of lateral and central incisors and enhance space closure.
  • Interproximals eliminated to extraction sites to enhance closure.
  • If patient suffers from a bruxism, these appliances prevent further wear of the teeth.

The Ortho-Tain® Positioner™ is ideal for finishing up orthodontic cases, especially when the patient is anxious to get bands or brackets removed. Suggested wear of the Ortho-Tain® Positioner™ is 4 hours per day and night for the first month, 3 hours per day and night for second month, 2 hours per day and night for third month, and 1 hour per day and night for fourth month.

After the fourth month only nighttime wear is required to maintain correction. If patient has experienced relapse due to non-use the Ortho-Tain® Positioner™ can be worn 2-4 hours a day to bring the case back to a perfect Class I occlusion in minimum time.