OsteoGen® Plug

Dental Bone Grafting Plug
Produttore: Ultradent
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The OsteoGen® Plug by Impladent® is a dental bone grafting plug that combines non-ceramic OsteoGen® bioactive resorbable calcium apatite crystals with a Type I bovine achilles tendon collagen matrix. The bone graft crystals are contained within the collagen matrix, allowing for simple and effective placement without a membrane or the need to mix and pack the graft. The bioactive calcium phosphate crystals create a structure that mimics the organic and inorganic characteristics of actual bone. This resorbable quality allows the structure to be replaced by host bone tissue within a few months. The collagen matrix also absorbs and delivers blood to the graft during resorption, a crucial factor for the successful formation of new bone tissue, and provides a scaffold for keratinized tissue to develop over the grafted site. The OsteoGen® bone grafting plug is radiolucent when placed but will become radiopaque within 3–5 months (when it has been replaced with host bone tissue). Implant placement can then be achieved.

  • Non-ceramic bioactive calcium apatite crystals within a Type I bovine achilles tendon collagen matrix
  • Easy placement: no membrane or particulate mixing/packing required
  • Resorbable: replaced by host bone tissue in 3–5 months
  • Radiolucent upon placement
  • Radiopaque within 3–5 months
  • The OsteoGen® crystals are a calcium phosphate-based bone graft that is NOT a β-TCP and NOT a dense ceramic HA, nor is it a biphasic mixture of the two. OsteoGen® has a unique Ca:P ratio that mimics the composition of human bone.
  • Slim size: 6 mm x 25 mm—available in 5pk or 10pk
  • Large size (most popular): 10 mm x 20 mm—available in 5pk or 10pk
  • Extra Large size: 15 mm x 20 mm—available in 5pk
  • 4-year shelf life from date of manufacture