What is Papacárie?
Papacárie® is a product designed for dentists. It is an enzimatic-based gel specially designed for the atraumatic caries removal, without the use of anesthesia and reducing the use of turbines.

One drop of Papacárie over the caries softens it and allows the dentist to remove with a simple curette.

This gel is an innocuous water-based material, totally safe for all patients as it does not contain toxic or irritating components. Papacarie® has been clinically tested and is safe for all patients including young kids and pregnant women.

Papacarie® is an enzymatic gel with a selective basis, i.e. it does only work on the infected tissue caused by the caries preserving the tissue which has regenerative and remineralization capacity.

Papacárie is selective. Remove only caries.
“Papain acts only on infected dentin and not on healty dentin due to the absence in caries of a plasmatic antiprosthesis, alpha1-anti-trypsin, which prevents its proteolytic action in tissues considered normal” Papain Gel: A new Chemo-Mechanical Caries Removal Agent. Sandra Kalil et al. Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dent 30 (20): 115-120, 2005

Innovative Product
Papacárie® is an revolutionary dental product that has been used in Dentistry since 2003. Its main benefit is the removal of caries without any pain. Papacárie® offers a totally non-traumatic treatment, something that dentists strive for in the care of their patients.

Enzymatic activity
The enzymatic activity of the bio-encapsulated papain (6.000 U/mg*) in Papácarie® needs only between 30 seconds and 1 minute to dissolve any infected dental tissue that is affected by caries. Dental explorer and mirror are used to apply and remove Papacárie® gel and the affected dentin. In most of the cases, drilling may not be needed at all. Note that Papacárie® does not affect the dentin that has remineralization capacity.

Reacts only with infected dentin
Papacárie® reacts only with infected dentin that is affected by caries. No other procedure or material saves as much healthy dental tissue as Papácarie® does. This guarantees you the best and most gentle treatment and healthy teeth for a long time, with the smallest amount of restorative material needed.

No drill, no fear, no pain
By eliminating the need of drilling and anesthesia, Papacárie® eliminates the pain and the fear of patients. It also improves the complete dental treatment process. Removal of tooth decay with Papacárie® is much quicker and safer than current approaches. Multiple teeth of a patient can be treated simultaneously, which reduces the length of the visit and the anxiety of patients.

Natural and 100% non-toxic
Papacárie® is a patented (since 2003) formula utilizing papain enzyme, which has been clinically tested in a broad range of different patients. It is 100% non-toxic and has no side effects. It has proven to be safe for contact with skin, eyes and other body parts and can be used in patients of all ages, even those with systemic diseases, disability or pregnant women. Papacarie® is good for patients’ health and for the planet.

Papacárie is perfect for COVID-19 safety protocols.
Using Papacárie to remove cavities is now more beneficial than ever. Removing caries with papain gel avoids the use of a turbine, and therefore the creation of aerosols, which are the main source of contagion.