Premium One

4 endosseous diameters, 1 unique connection
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Premium One

4 endosseous diameters, 1 unique connection

Premium ONE implants, with 21 years of clinical experience and more than 80 publications, have a cylindrical morphology, asymmetric thread for a correct distribution of the masticatory loads and tapered apex with three apical notches that offer a decompression and release area for blood clots.

Minimally invasive solutions
The Premium ONE range includes also a narrow implant, with ø 3.30, very useful in those particular anatomic situations such as reduced prosthetic space in the anterior sectors or thin crests.
The Premium One implants are also available in the Shorty version, ideal for crests with reduced heights and in all the cases in which it is preferable not to carry out a regeneration protocol. 
A specific dedicated drilling kit is foreseen for the Shorty implants.

Surface: the ideal roughness depending on the type of tissue

UTM Neck
The neck of the Premium One implants is characterized by the UTM (Ultrathin Threaded Microsurface) surface treatment, a particular micro-threading that allows the perfect control over the connection diameter and prevents the accumulation of plaque around the junction with the post.

ZirTi surface
Premium One implants are characterized by ZirTi surface, sand-blasted with zirconium oxide and etched with mineral acids, techniques that give to the surface a characteristic micromorphology capable of significantly increasing the bone-to-implant contact area and promote osseointegration.

Collex ONE connection, proper of all Premium ONE implants, is characterized by an internal hexagon and an external collar for prosthetic repositioning. The strength properties of Collex One connection are documented by several studies in which Collex One connection resulted better in terms of robustness and prosthetic stability compared to connections without collar.
Surgical mountless procedure
Premium One implants do not require a mounter device because they can be engaged directly inside the connection by practical Easy Insert drivers, designed to guarantee a safe grip, to prevent deformations to connections and at the same time to allow easy removal from the internal part of the implant connection. The use of these drivers makes the surgical procedure of insertion extremely easy.
Ergonomic and easy to use surgical kit
The Premium One surgical kit has been designed and made to offer easiness of use and immediate placing in the sequence of instruments. 
The descriptions of the instruments are screen-printed on the tray and the colour code system that traces each implant diameter makes this kit user-friendly and extremely easy to manage.
The biologic advantage of Platform Switching
The undeniable advantage of one unique connection, which characterizes Premium One implants, is that it allows choosing the desired level of mismatching based on the aesthetic and functional needs of each individual case.
As demonstrated by literature, there is a relationship between the extension of Platform Switching (mismatching) and preservation of the marginal bone dimensions. In fact, the greater the mismatch, the greater the volumes of hard and soft tissues around the dental implant.