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the thread option


Tapered morphology

The Shelta implant present a marked tapered morphology, which makes these systems particularly suitable in the case of reduced inter-radicular spaces. The thread of the Shelta SL implants also gives great primary stability in the post-extraction surgery and in the case of little compact bone. The rounded apex makes these systems ideal for sinus lift procedures.

Two options for the thread

The Shelta implant is available in two versions: the standard one, with the body and thread which have conical morphology entirely, and in the version called "SL" (Large Thread), which binds to a tapered implant body a cylindrical outer profile of the threads, constant along the entire length of the implant.

Four different diameters, same COLLEX connection

The Shelta implants have an only internal hexagon connection with a diameter of 3.80 mm, which is the same independently from the diameter of the implant platform. On the other hand, the available implant diameters are four: 3.80 mm, 4.25 mm, 5.00 mm and 6.00 mm.

Application of Switching Platform protocols

All the Shelta implants feature a unique hexagon connection, with a small external collar for the support of the prosthesis. This allows the application of Switching Platform protocols , by using posts with a smaller diameter so as to create a mismatching, able to limit the proliferation of bacteria at the implant/abutment junction, and the consequent possible bone resorption.

ZirTi surface

The numerous studies on the surfaces conducted by Sweden & Martina have led to the development of the surface ZirTi, a substrate obtained by subtraction of the latest generation through a sandblasting with zirconium oxide and etching with mineral acids. In addition to increasing the surface of bone-implant contact, the surface ZirTi has been shown to promote the proliferation and cell differentiation during the process of neo-osteogenesis and to stimulate angiogenesis at a distance.

Simple and immediate surgical kit

The surgical kit for Shelta has been designed to offer ease of use and immediacy in the sequence of the instruments. The descriptions of the instruments on the tray and screen printed signs that recall the color codes for the different implant diameters make the use of this kit is easy and intuitive.


Shelta prostheses are now available in diameters 3.80, 4.25 and 5.00 mm. Furthermore, the common connection geometry of the Shelta implants simplifies the management of the prosthesis to the doctor, who can then optimize the purchase of prosthetic components and the choice of the most appropriate implant diameter.