Snore Cure® Appliance

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Snore Cure® Appliance

The Snore-Cure® is an anti-snoring device. This one-size preformed shell is customized to each patient using a 5-minute chairside procedure. This oral appliance is an effective cure for snoring because it eliminates the sounds and vibrations caused by snoring, and leaves your patients feeling refreshed, well-rested and energized.

Benefits of the Snore-Cure® Appliance:

  • Designed to advance the mandible and tongue to eliminate or minimize vibrations of the uvula and soft palate, which cause snoring.
  • The appliance’s patented hinged feature with the anterior separation of the upper and lower jaws increases air intake, which also significantly reduces or eliminates snoring.
  • The Snore-Cure® can be customized with an Ortho-Tain® liner kit in 5 minutes chairside for a firm snap-in fit.
  • High upper anterior margins prevent the lower jaw from slipping backwards, and aids in keeping the appliance firmly in place during sleep.
  • One size fits all, with easily customizable liner for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Easily cleaned with toothpaste and toothbrush.
  • Easily fitted and prefabricated with state-of-the-art design.
  • If patient suffers from bruxism, these appliances prevent further wear of the teeth.

Results Achieved Using the Snore-Cure® Appliance:

For many people snoring begins 4 to 11 minutes after falling asleep and continues throughout the night. When the Snore-Cure® appliance is used without a custom liner, the onset of snoring is usually delayed by 1 to 2 hours after falling asleep. The loudness of the snoring are reduced and the patient’s snoring is intermittent rather than continuous.

When the Snore-Cure® appliance is customized with our specially formulated acrylic, the patients’ lower jaw is held firmly in a forward position, which eliminates or dramatically reduces snoring all together.

In a clinical study, it was found that snoring stopped all together or the onset of snoring was delayed 2.5 to 3 hours after falling asleep. The snoring sounds, if present were soft or had a “swooshing” sound caused by air escaping from the mouth. These soft sounds lasted only a few minutes separated by long periods of silence during nighttime wear. The Snore-Cure® appliance is an affordable snoring reduction device that also provides a customized option with a liner – allowing for a more comfortable and secure fit, while continually eliminating the amount of snoring in patients.