At SS White®, we are changing the shape of dentistry every day.

Our bur advancements are helping to create the masterpieces that are improving patient satisfaction and your bottom line. Few companies can trace a corporate history with a bedrock of innovation that spans back to 1844. Today, SS White Dental is a family owned and operated U.S. based business with more than 250 employees and worldwide distribution. Its corporate roots are found in the history of Samuel Stockton White, who began his career as an apprenticing dentist and ventured into his own business in 1844, manufacturing porcelain teeth in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company proudly bears the name of its founder and continually maintains its original objective: better products for better dentistry.

Over 175 Years of Dedication
SS White® Burs as a dental manufacturer has always strived to bring high quality dental products to market, to enable practitioners to work more accurately and precisely and to maximize comfort and quality for each and every patient who enters a dental office. The enthusiasm of Dr. White exists still today in each and every employee, as we continually work toward creating innovative products which will advance dentistry.

Innovation is in our history.
1872: First offering of steel dental burs in round, wheel, cone and inverted cone shapes

1878: Introduced stoned dental burs; cutting blades stoned by hand for increased sharpness

1880: Created ivory-handled hand instruments

1882: Honed burs introduced; less expensive than stoned burs and provided greater efficiency than regular file-cut dental burs

1891: Introduced the Revelation® bur, which revolutionized bur manufacturing, as it was produced entirely by machinery

1947: Introduced the first carbide bur to the dental profession; two-piece construction process of a carbide cutting head, welded to a steel platform and shank

1969: First offering of carbide burs for composite preparations

1977: Introduced amalgam preparation burs

1989: Introduced surgical length carbide burs

1990: Great White® restoration removal burs were launched for the rapid and precise removal of all types of semi- and non-precious crowns and bridges, amalgams, composites and porcelains.

1991: Sterile single-patient-use diamond burs were launched to assist in preventing the risk of cross-contamination and also to provide a fast cutting instrument each and every time.

1999: Fissurotomy® carbide burs were introduced for the early identification and treatment of hidden caries.

2001: Launched Express Line® lab metal finishing burs for faster metal finishing

2003: Introduced Safe End finishing carbide burs

2004: Great White® Ultra carbide burs were introduced for fast and smooth crown preparations.

2011: In 2011, SS White commissioned artist Charlie Becker to create a sculpture using only the company's dental burs to showcase the powerful cutting and sculpting ability of the instruments we manufacture.