Stops and Hooks

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Our comprehensive offering covers a wide range of usage, and includes crimpable and weldable stops and hooks, as well as arch locks.

Surgical and Rectangular Arch Hooks
•    Prevent failure of bracket attachments to teeth
•    2mm cast with hook
•    Split hooks can be placed without removing arch wire
•    Provide an efficient means of ligation
•    Use sliding hook crimping pliers for strongest crimp
•    Surgical hooks may be used for intermaxillary fixation following surgery
•    10 pieces per package

Sliding Hook Crimping Pliers
•    Two grooved inserts maintain a firm grip on the tube
•    Used with American surgical hooks and rectangular arch hooks

Round Stops and Hooks
•    1mm and 2mm lengths
•    Wall thickness .006 inches (.15mm)
•    Ideal for light wires
•    Use dull hard wire cutter for placement
•    Split crimpable can be placed without removing arch wire

•    2mm lengths
•    Wall thickness .015 inches (.38mm)
•    Welded to arch prior to ligation

Rectangular Stops
•    All rectangular stops have a wall thickness of .015 inches (.38mm)
•    Split crimpable can be placed without removing arch wire

Monkey Hook
•    .018 linkable S-shaped hook
•    Directs impacted teeth into position
•    Assists in the correction of severely rotated teeth
•    May be hung from a bondable coil eyelet
•    Can be used in multiples to create a chain
•    10 pieces per package

Arch Hook
•    Removable lock secures to arch wires
•    Pre-assembled unit allows placement in one piece