The Interim “G” Retainer

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The Interim “G” Retainer

The Interim “G”® Retainer™ is used between Phase I and Phase II and effectively retains corrections achieved with orthodontics such as overbite, overjet, crowding, spacing and rotations. The Interim “G”® Retainer™ is ideal during the exchange of teeth in the mixed dentition and can be used regardless of the number of teeth present (deciduous or permanent). This appliance comes in 11 sizes and can even be used if the posterior teeth are congenitally missing or have been extracted. The appliance comes in six color options: Blue, Magenta, Green, Purple, Orange, or Clear.

The Interim “G”® Retainer™ offers these ideal advantages:

  • Preformed for quick fitting or replacement.
  • Requires no adjustments.
  • Encourages posterior teeth to erupt into a Class I relation.
  • Alleviates TMJ symptoms by serving as a splint.
  • Comes in ultra-soft material with breathing holes.
  • Can be ordered in Clear and five other assorted colors: Green, Magenta, Blue, Orange and Purple.
  • Has built-in Cooperation Detector®.
  • Allows the deciduous teeth to exfoliate and the adult teeth to erupt without adjustments or changing the appliance.
  • If patient suffers from bruxism, these appliances prevent further wear of the teeth.

The Interim “G”® Retainer™ is used between Phase I and Phase II orthodontics, such as between limited early treatment (8 to 9 years of age) and later straightening (11 to 12 years of age). The Interim “G”® will successfully retain the correction until the next phase of treatment begins. This is an ideal retainer for young children as it is made with soft material, breathing holes and requires no adjustments.