VALO™ Curing Light Accessories

  • Accessories
  • Lenses
  • Mountin Bracket
    Mountin Bracket
  • Barrier Sleeves
    Barrier Sleeves
  • Rechargeable Batteries 2pk
    Rechargeable Batteries 2pk
  • Light Shield
    Light Shield
  • Battery Charging Unit
    Battery Charging Unit
  • Power Supply
    Power Supply
  • PointCure 2pk
    PointCure 2pk
  • TransLume 2pk
    TransLume 2pk
  • ProxiCure Ball 2pk
    ProxiCure Ball 2pk
  • Black Light
    Black Light
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The versatility of the VALO and VALO Grand broadband LED curing lights are expanded by several functional accessories.

Curing light accessories for VALO, VALO Cordless, and VALO Grand lights include:

  • Mounting bracket
  • Barrier sleeves
  • Light shield
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Battery charging unit
  • Power supply

For VALO and VALO Cordless lights, magnetic lenses are particularly helpful, facilitating specific curing procedures and extending the light's uses. All lenses are secured to the VALO light head by a strong magnet inside the lens housing and are compatible with both VALO and VALO Cordless curing lights. Note: Lenses are not yet available for the VALO Grand curing light.

Accessory lenses for VALO and VALO Cordless lights include:

  • PointCure lens
  • TransLume lens
  • ProxiCure Ball lenses
  • Black Light lens

Note: Lenses are not yet available for the VALO Grand light.